Cyber-Physical Systems challenges: iSCI2020 Invited Talk

Here is my invited talk about Cyber-Physical Systems challenges, for iSCI2020 in Guangzhou, China. It was pre-recorded due to the COVID-19 travel ban.

Research Challenges for the Industrial Adoption of Cyber-Physical Systems

Abstract: Interest in the ‘digitalisation’ of industry, specifically manufacturing, is driving the development of innovative technologies that make the exchange of data, and the inference of knowledge increasingly accessible. Large organisations are able to rapidly acquire and evaluate Cyber-Physical Systems technology, enabling new business models to be created. However, significant challenges exist with regard to the design, operation and evaluation of industrial CPSs in terms of their accuracy, calibration, robustness and ability to fail safely. Traditionally, such systems would have been designed using formal approaches, but the scale of CPS adoption is such that there is less reliance on the established methods of validation and verification. This talk explores some significant challenges for the CPS and associated software development research communities.

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