Richard Hill is an experienced engineering and academic manager who provides consultancy and training for academic staff and their managers.

Helping Academic Staff to be More Productive

Richard has two primary audiences for his training. The first is academic staff who want to become more productive, either as teaching-focused, or as research-focused academics.

Attendees report significantly enhanced performance, particularly when adopting Richard’s innovative approaches to combining learning and teaching with research activity.

Past participants have achieved accelerated progress with promotion, including becoming a Reader or Professor in less time than they thought possible.

Helping Senior Managers Deliver Change Programmes

The second audience is typically senior managers in Higher Education, who look for assistance with change management initiatives.

Such changes might include transforming an academic unit to become more research-intensive, or conversely to improve teaching quality in a research-intensive department.

Many issues present themselves, such as challenges with work planning, dealing with difficult people, and understanding how to use curriculum design to improve research outputs.

Attendees report improved clarity and focus, and they leave the course having a roadmap to achieve their objectives.


All training is delivered either in-person or virtually via Zoom/MS Teams.

Training content is tailored to the needs of the customer. Not all Higher Education institutions have the same challenges.


Contact Richard for a discussion around your specific needs.